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ATO has an active alumni association that partners with the Chapter in career development activities for members including mentoring, internships, interview practice and coaching, and job placement services. ATO alumni have achieved success in many fields including business, law, engineering, medicine, military, aeronautics, agriculture, education, and governmental positions. ATO alumni have succeeded in positions such as Brigadier General in the U.S. Army, Assistant Adjutant General of Oklahoma National Guard, partners in international accounting firms, partners in large U.S. law firms, representatives in the Oklahoma House of Representatives, pilots in military and commercial airlines, and a wide range of other prosperous positions.


The ATO EO Housing Corporation is a not-for-profit corporation formed and organized for educational and charitable purposes including:

(A) To advance the educational, charitable, and literary interests of its members; for the promotion of social virtues among them and to instill in them a high sense of loyalty to each other; to promote friendship among its members by uniting them in closer bonds of brotherhood; and for the perpetuation of itself as a fraternal organization

(B) To provide financial assistance to the active members including loans or gifts to worthy or needy students to encourage them in their educational pursuits, subject to such rules and regulations, and on such terms and conditions as the board of directors may provide

(C) To provide counseling in academic, career, and personal matters to students who are members of, or who are selected to become members of, the Epsilon Omicron Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity in order to achieve and maintain high scholastic standards; add to their ability and desire to cooperate with, and work in harmony with, their fellowmen; and to set high educational and cultural standards to be followed during and after their college years.

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